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OutSystems is a low-code platform that allows developers to build and deploy custom software applications quickly and efficiently. It was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal. The company's platform allows developers to create, deploy, and manage applications using a visual, drag-and-drop interface that requires little coding knowledge. OutSystems' platform is used by businesses of all sizes, including large enterprises, to build custom applications for a variety of purposes.

The OutSystems platform includes a visual development environment, a set of pre-built templates and modules, and a range of integrations with other tools and systems. The platform is designed to be scalable and flexible, so businesses can build applications that meet their specific needs and requirements. Applications can be built for web, mobile, and desktop environments, and can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.


One of the key benefits of OutSystems is its speed of development. By using a low-code approach, developers can build applications faster and with fewer errors than traditional coding methods. This allows businesses to get their applications to market quickly and respond to changing market conditions faster than their competitors. In addition, the platform's visual interface makes it easier for non-technical stakeholders to understand and contribute to the development process.

Another advantage of OutSystems is its focus on security and compliance. The platform includes a range of built-in security features, such as user authentication, data encryption, and role-based access controls. It also supports compliance with a variety of regulatory requirements, including GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2.

OutSystems has been recognized as a leader in the low-code development market by industry analysts such as Gartner and Forrester. The company has a global customer base that includes major brands such as Deloitte, Toyota, and Schneider Electric. In addition, OutSystems has a strong partner ecosystem that includes technology vendors, system integrators, and consulting firms.

Overall, OutSystems is a powerful platform that enables businesses to build custom applications quickly, efficiently, and securely. Its low-code approach, visual interface, and range of features make it an attractive option for organizations looking to modernize their application development processes.